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Dave Zerby Woodworks Gallery
Here are some more examples of our latest work. 
Please contact me with your specific requests, and I will prepare a free estimate.

Backgammon Game, hand made hinges, mahogany, maple, black walnut for the board, and natural and dyed birdseye maple for the "chips", 
The "Boss"
Bottle Stoppers
God box, close up of "glow" around hands
​God box with hand carved NA logo on top and praying hands woodburned on front
average size is 5" x 5" x 3 1/2" made from butternut
"God Box"
these are just a couple of designs of stoppers, if interested message me and I will send pics of more designs
unfortunately these pictures do not show the true beauty and chatoyance of these products. sorry
I can now offer Laser engraving of text and photographs
Mahogany and maple box with laser engraved photo and glass cover over photo.
Mahogany and maple box with laser engraved photo protected with glass, and handmade hinge. Designed by me.
All products designed by me. If you click on an image some will enlarge, but it is slow and takes a minute,
Cremation Urn for USMC Retired Gunnery Sergeant "Ace" Kellerman made from Butternut and colored veneers (red,white,&blue) with laser engraved photo, and Marine Corps Coin (on front), and decal (on top) finished with clear gloss lacquer.
Actual photo (left) laser engraved (right) on the front of Urn
Nala's urn
Nala's original photo