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Jewelry Box
Maple, mahogany, and black walnut double dovetail corner post jewelry box with lift out drawer. Starting at 125.00 +s/h
Two Drawer Surprise Puzzle Box 
Double dovetail & hand made hinge
Dave Zerby Woodworks Products
I take great pride in my work. All of the products I offer are made by me using domestic and or exotic hardwoods. I will ship items to you the cheapest way possible unless you want something different. Here are some examples of my work.

If you want to purchase any of my items or have any questions regarding my products, or want something made from a specific type of wood  or would like more information, please contact me with the request info tab.
This shows a close up of the double dovetail corner post and the hand made hinge. 
Business Card Cases
These are really a great way to carry your cards because they double as a stand to set on your desk or what ever. Starting at $20.00 +s/h
Basic jigsaw Puzzle Box
Basic puzzle box open
This is the basic Puzzle box consisting of 4 pieces $20.00 +s/h
Custom Cue Stick Holder
This shows the basic puzzle box open with it's pieces
Watch the puzzle box video
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction is my top priority
Spring DrawerJigsaw Puzzle Box
This shows the spring drawer closed and open. The drawer has a spring on the back that forces the drawer out when the release is pulled. 8 pieces. This is the #2 seller of puzzle boxes. $45.00 +s/h
This Tone Drum makes sounds like you would hear in places most of us only dream of.  The drum is made from cedar, the drum sticks ,poplar and rubber balls. Starting at $50.00 + s/h
Note: Most of the puzzle boxes are made from western red cedar, and all open with the lock and slide principal, see video.
​These cue stick holders not only keep your prized cue from falling over, they actually lock your cue in the holder so it stays safe and secure.They come in one cue, or two cue sizes, starting at $25.00+s/h. They are available in different wood species so check for what is current
This is the #1 seller of my puzzle boxes. It has 16 pieces and is approx.:4"x4"x9" $75.00+s/h
pictures of things from the lathe are representations of items, if interested inquire about the item or ask to have one made to your specifications. Prices on request.
Captive ring "Wedding Goblet". $175.00 ,+ s/h made from black walnut
Oak bowl with genuine turquoise inlay 
​compact purse hangers(open& closed)
these are wood bottons that are dyed and stabilized not stone or plastic
NA "God Box"
Stash key rings,hide your pills, money, etc.
"Wine" bottle stoppers
Custom pens & pencils
Butternut with NA logo hand carved on top and "praying hands" wood burned on front with a golden glow around the hands. $25 plus s/h
unfortunately these pictures do not show the true beauty and chatoyance of these products. sorry
I can now laser engrave YOUR photo on wood
"Nala's urn"
Laser engraved photo on pet urn